We Learn From Each Other.

A little boy came up to me the other day and asked me what I saw in the future for myself.
I stood there thinking why would this boy would ask me such a question and what would I say back to him?
I replied to his question saying I didn’t have an answer. I asked him what he saw in his future.
He said happiness, love, hate,betrayal but then recovery.
I asked him why he had said hate and betrayal.
He replied “we can’t all be happy every day and every night.”
What I’ve learned was ;
One kids are weird and ask odd questions to complete strangers… And
We will have our good days and or bad days.
There will come a day where we will experience someone leaving our lives.
We learn from everyone
Older, Younger even the same age.
I find we have to look with-in to complete happiness because everyone will have a good and bad day.

Written by Christina H

Christina is back in Toronto pursuing her dreams of writing. She loves exploring around Ontario and has found that Toronto is what captures her spirit.

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