A new company based out of Toronto just opened for business online and they are just what you need for when you want to ‘seal the deal.’

CeelDeel.com is a new online service that will save consumers time and money by helping them hire reliable local businesses for their everyday needs.

Senai Iman, who is one of the founders and CEO of CeelDeel, along with Alex Kudryavstev and David Elston, says his company formed based on the demand from consumers for positively reviewed professionals at an affordable price.

“Our team at CeelDeel has learned first-hand from scores and scores of people that they want their lives made more simple,” explains Iman.

“We all live in a world that is fast-paced with lots of demands, and of course new technology is emerging so rapidly,” he adds. “So we are utilizing new technology to enable consumers to quickly find professionals in a way that isn’t possible with business listing directories or search engine lookups.”

So, how does CeelDeel work? It’s all rather simple.

The site, which is hailed as the best online consumer network, allows users to find businesses on their own terms.

So, if you need a leaky sink fixed, a math tutor, or an auto-mechanic, you just need to visit CeelDeel, login and create a “Shout.” You can create a shout via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Once you send your “Shout” out, the CeelDeel’s network of professional businesses start competing for your business. Users can filter offers by location, pricing and user ratings. As well, users can also browse reviews of businesses that belong to the CeelDeel consumer network.

Kudryavtsev, CeelDeel’s Chairman, says his team is more than confident that the site will take off quickly in 2016.

“How do we know that we have a great business idea? Because we have listened to consumers who have told us that they want a service to make their lives far simpler,” he says.

“We have researched extensively consumer wants and demands and we know that people no longer want to spend time researching every business out there on their own. People now want a one-stop-shop online so that they can discover reliable and trusted businesses. It’s a great thing we have going: You just give a ‘Shout’ and businesses will come to you right away – in real time.”

Another benefit of CeelDeel is that it will prove to be a unique and beneficial economic engine. Businesses in turn will get the local exposure they need so that they can grow. So, CeelDeel is making the lives of business owners simpler too.

“Our new site is a win-win for everyone,” says Iman. “Consumers get access to the best businesses they need and business owners have the opportunity to obtain new clients right in their own backyard.”

He adds, “Technology is an amazing thing these days. We are using it wisely so that everyone can live more freely.”

Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Blogging and Social Media is her passion by night, while project management and business development fills her day.

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