By Holly Hackett – Canadian Lifestyle and Business News Reporter

The economy in Canada seems to be getting better and the employment rate nation wide is starting to improve.

One company out there who is stepping up to the pate and offering new jobs and opportunities for us “Canucks” is Jive Canada.

They seem like a really innovative company who are big thinkers, and yes they will certainly help get our nation moving on the right track. The economy and job rates has been unstable for the last while, so it’s great to see a new company making a big splash.

Jive Canada is based in Burlington, ON. Here is the story on them: they used to be called Easy Office Phone, but the were recently acquired by Jive Communications in Utah, USA.

In a news release issued by Jive Canada, the company reports that the “nation will experience a surge of new professional jobs in the telecommunications and tech sectors.”

They also report that “within five years of launching in Utah, the company created nearly 500 jobs, and brings substantial resources and experience to the Canadian expansion.”

Here is a quote from Jive Canada’s Director of Sales, Carl Watene: “Jive making its move into Canada is great news for our economy. We are growing and it means we are now on the hunt for talented individuals in the tech industry.”

So, here are the new jobs they are creating for top talent across Canada: software architects, sales account managers, research and development (R&D) technicians, regional channel account managers, and territory managers.


The Jive Canada team is also hiring for new positions in Montreal, according to the company’s news release.

“Canada has a dynamic workforce – we are innovative, multi-cultural and globally focused in every sense,” explains Watene. “Big thinkers with talented minds will only help Jive Canada grow the nation’s hosted communications industry.”

The news release also indicates that the company will offer its “products, services and technology to a variety of sectors in Canada, which will be a direct benefit for new start-ups, businesses, enterprises/non-profits, governments, hospitality organizations, and educational institutions at all levels.”

Watene says that one of the key elements in the formation of Jive Canada stems from the fact that the US company recognizes the unique landscape of the Canadian market.

“The company is forging a new path in the global cloud communications frontier. We’re setting the bar for the cloud communications industry by creating national divisions in each global region. This allows us to provide clients and partners with exceptional service, support, and technology through local presence,” he says. “As part of this strategy, we have already expanded into Mexico and Brazil.”

Watene also indicates that the expansion has wider benefits.

“The creation of Jive Canada means new jobs of course, and this expansion will open up the doors for an array of new products and software. We will also see more research and development (R &D) opportunities here at home. In addition, we strongly supports employee volunteer programs.”

Our newsroom was also provided with a TV news story on the launch of Jive Canada.

Well done Jive Canada – you score high marks in our books. This is a story we will be following closely.

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Written by Trina Stewart

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