Jive Canada, one of the country’s most prominent providers of cloud-based phone service, now also intends to lead by example on the environmental front.

The Burlington, ON based company is pleased to unveil its new Eco-Package plan for clients and partners.

“Jive Canada is growing fast,” says Carl Watene, Director of Sales for Jive Canada. “We’ve structured our business so that we can do our part for the environment, and now our Eco-Package will make those same green initiatives available to clients and partners across Canada.”

The Eco-Package is designed to help companies and their employees reduce carbon footprints, by including – at no additional cost – services such as web conferencing, virtual fax, managed Internet (where available) and find-me/follow me. The plan benefits the environment by allowing businesses to reduce commuting, decrease power consumption, and cut back on supplies such as ink and paper.

In addition, participating companies can take advantage of operational expense savings, by bundling voice and video hardware into the package. Watene notes that part of Jive’s strategy is bringing global services and pricing initiatives to the Canadian communications market, which has historically been less competitive by comparison.

“We’re sharing our green perspective and mission with our clients and partners throughout Canada,” says Watene. “The hope is that we’ll prompt other businesses across Canada to follow our lead, and add a renewable component to their unified communications.”

Jive Canada’s Managed Internet service uses a private layer from one office or multiple locations in a “point-to-point” configuration, delivering a private network Canada-wide. This single private network makes file sharing simple and secure.

“This is yet another incentive to go green with your communications,” says Watene. “Jive will also keep you secure and help you collaborate more efficiently.”

Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Blogging and Social Media is her passion by night, while project management and business development fills her day.

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