TIFF Next Wave 2015

This coming Family Day Weekend (February 13-15 2015) the TIFF Light Box will be hosting the Third annual Next Wave Festival. The Next Wave is targeted towards teenagers who enjoys watching films. TIFF Next Wave is debuting 11 movies that caters to teenagers and coming of age. Not only is Next Wave debuting movies this coming Family Day Weekend, they will also have a marathon screening of classic favourites that revolves around outcast and misfits such as:  Dazed and Confused, Heather, Submarine, Napoleon Dynamite and Moonrise Kingdom. The movies that will be debuting (aside from the premium selection) will be free … Continue reading TIFF Next Wave 2015

Instagram! My Favourite Social Media

Hi im Jordan i am a new teen blogger for Life’s a Blog, i recently discovered the wonders of social media and how entertaining it is. I am always watching my Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram! I really like instagram because i have always had an interest in photography and i love how you can show pictures to show what your doing instead of writing about it. If you have an android phone i highly recommend getting the Instagram app and sharing your photos with your friends.  Its a great feeling when people actually like the pictures you take , and you can always … Continue reading Instagram! My Favourite Social Media