“Being a celebrity doesn’t even seem to keep the fleas off our dogs – and if being a celebrity won’t give me an advantage over a couple of fleas, and then I guess there can’t be much in being a celebrity after all.” Walt Disney

It’s amazing to attend the Toronto Film Festival and leave with a feeling of contentment of being just me. My weekend went well and Christina enjoyed herself immensely as she scurried through Yorkville trying to find the Jonas Brothers. Along the way, she managed to shoot photos and obtain autographs from Penelope Cruz, Kim Catrall, and, the kindest celebrity of all, Tilda Swinton. Christina was a true teenager in all ways.

I have come to realize that celebrity stalking is a hobby for many during this time. However, there were many disgruntled Torontonian’s cursing and swearing at the site of the overly populated Yorkville area. If I had a dollar every time I heard, “They are just stars” and “Oh, for god’s sake” spew out of the mouths of busy locals, well, I would have stayed at the Intercontinental or the Hyatt. I was appalled that these people did not appreciate the fact that the Toronto Film Festival brought income to a society that is in desperate need of income. Perhaps living in the richer part of town, they have not been stricken hard by the recession that so many of us have felt. Perhaps they spent life sweating the small stuff and taking opportunities, such as this festival, for granted.

I can understand those with a hobby of waiting hours to get that great photo with their fancy cameras with the extra zoom lens much like an avid scrap booker takes a hiatus from their family to devote their weekend to finally getting a book completed. Myself? I have no desire to sit outside for hours to wait for Oprah. I prefer that they come to me spontaneously and by chance. Much like a finished page in a scrapbook album or my writing, spontaneity is my hobby and my lifestyle.

What really impressed me most about my weekend was Donald Sutherland sitting at La Casa Del Habano, in the busiest part of Yorkville, for the entire weekend and talking to his neighbours as they smoked cigars. He would not provide autographs and nor did he want to be “known”. People respected that. As well, Tilda Swinton was no stranger to the streets as she strolled around Yorkville talking to her companion. She was genuinely intrigued when Christina approached her and told her how stunning she was as she towered over everyone. That’s celebrity at its finest..Being around those who have honoured your career.

After seeing these two people in their human state, I quickly realized that we are all celebrities in our own right. There is always someone who’s genuinely happy to be in our company. There’s always someone who is quick to shake our hand or offer pleasantries. We all share a huge universe and the Internet has allowed us to be seen even more. We are talked about by few, but we are still talked about. There is always someone who appreciates our efforts in life. There may not be millions, but there certainly is someone out there who is quick to take our picture and put it in a treasured photo album.

No, my greatest memory of this weekend is time spent with my daughter, the people who joined me and the new friendships developed. This is the life…..Great conversation, a few glasses of beer on a patio, and a little time to seek out those who wanted to be seen. Life’s short and what a better way to honour my weekend but to the celebrities in my life.

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