After five years of my daughter being a vegetarian and in light of the Veggie Pride Parade tomorrow, I am contemplating turning the other cheek and trying it out.

However, I’m completely at odds as to why I’d do it. Article after article makes me think. Is a chicken like my dog? Does it deserve to die to be on my plate?

If we go back to the beginning of time, we see a pattern. The movie The Lion King, explains it perfectly. Every live being is part of the food chain. The Polar Bear eats the seals and salmon. The lion eats the Zebras. The Warthogs eat the bugs. Even though humans make the decision to become vegans for this reason…is it reasonable since it’s nature’s evolution?

I will not wear furs, because I do not believe an animal should suffer so the higher class can look good covered in them. However, the Inuit and Indians did it to seek warmth. I do not believe that an animal should suffer due to high population or cruelty. The PETA KFC video is revolting.

I do believe that animals are representative to the food chain. There is no difference if a human was stuck in nature. They must fight to survive or become part of the food chain to one of the various animals stronger than themselves. It’s instinct.

Soy is not recommended for women. Tofu is horrible (in my opinion). Veggies are force fed to grow quicker and last longer. (I also heard something about a correlation between fish and the growth of the tomato plant). Where do I get my protein if I abstain from meat? Years ago, someone would say, stay for supper and we’ll discuss it over meat, potatoes and veggies from the garden. All completely 100% natural.

I’m so confused right now…however I have a question.

If a pig dies to to be a meal on someone’s plate, why is it that a beautiful tomato is less tasty now? What artificial substances are added to make that tomato grow faster and last longer? What is more natural to allow me to live the long life as my grandmother?

Doesn’t the tomato deserve to grow on its own terms too? After all, a seed is a growing organism too.

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