It is my considered opinion that this performance is cute and funny.  Katy Perry is not a doped up, coked up celebrity looking for cheap attacks on society.

To the outraged mothers…I want to know exactly what is wrong with this?  A mesh front with a full covered back.  Her boobies are not spewing.

There are hundreds of women pulling out their breasts to feed their babies in public uncovered.  Hundreds of women who care less if another parent’s child is watching them do this because it is assumed “natural”.  My opinion?  What’s natural is that a baby is breast fed in the comfort of their home and placed in the safe cocoon of their crib for a good long nap.  A routine is natural and necessary for a baby, toddler, teenager and adult.

Dragging a baby out to accommodate your schedule is senseless and selfish.  When we need to eat, we eat at a table. When we want to relax, we do it at home.  When we want to sleep, the car or hammock won’t suffice… as it is our bed that we crave.  A baby is no different.

You want to provide the excuse that you have a husband that works nights?  Yep, so did I!  A husband who you are separated from?  Yep, ditto here for a year.  No parents around you?  Hand’s up!

What’s outrageous about Katy Perry and Elmo’s skit are the people who have chosen to complain about it.

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