Courtesy of National Post, August 20, 2010

I remember my youth quite vividly. I loved to dream and most of all I loved to pretend to be super human beyond my own imagination. My friend’s and I would spend hours playing Superman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman draped in capes, gymnastic suits and tights. We’d dream of the day that God would give us the good fortune of possessing super human skills.

As we grew older, we realized that these super human powers didn’t exist. At that point, Ego took over and our vivid imagination and dreams quickly subsided and we gained the understanding that we have to be the best we can be, at whatever we do.    Some of us understood the meaning of life more than other’s but we lived  by the golden rule’s of Life nonetheless.

However, in the case of Colonel Russell Williams, it is my considered opinion that the childhood dream of having super powers became a belief. As well, the inevitable transition where ego takes over, did not happen. I believe what happened is that his belief of being powerful beyond human knowledge and Ego ultimately led to his evil and heinous acts.  Sure, we can spit out words like sociopath and psychopath, however, I cannot imagine anyone who commits these horrible acts of evil perceiving themselves anything but SUPER HUMAN.  It’s an easy word and quite easy to understand.  No clinical diagnosis required.

– Who gave him the right to hold someone captive, invade their space, rape and torture them?

– What right did he have to leave Jessica Lloyd’s dead body in the house as he went to serve and protect our country for the day?

– What gave him the right to stand beside the caskets of so many brave soldier’s, who honourably and honestly took a stand for the goodness of our country?

….None other than a human with a Super Human Ego, who believes he is beyond the every day commandments of mankind.

Throughout my thirty seven years on this Earth, I have witnessed many people with Large Ego’s who believe themselves always right, always superior, and always controlling. It’s a horrible existence when we have family member’s like this to contend to. I can see a large Ego coming at me from a mile away. Most people can!

I find it hard to believe that Williams carried on his day to day life without a large ego and being in control. It also wonder and question the Ego of Mrs. Williams (Russell’s wife). How could she be oblivious to her husband’s evil personality? Either Mrs. Williams was a compliant suspicious housewife or an individual, with a large ego, living an entirely separate existence than her husband.

– How could she not have suspicions or questions?

– Did she comply with a locked room policy in her own home? This was suggested by a psychologist, in the National Post, on October 19,2010 that individual’s like Russell Williams will quarantine a room ,from all family members, to hide possessions.

– Was she so involved in her ladder climbing that she was oblivious to the real man, who slept beside her?

Possible and probable…but very hard to digest.  I conquer that some people are oblivious because we live in a world of “I”.

All I can say is that I hope Russell Williams is incarcerated for the rest of his life, his pension revoked, and that he will eventually understand the calling of being a human being.

There are so many of us who stray from our true calling because of the Ego. The Ego must be right. The Ego must be in control. With many, the Ego guides us to extremes, where the rage of being out of control overrules reason.

RIP Marie-France and Jessica.

No one will ever understand why he did it. I don’t think he will ever understand…’s beyond his control…and in his eyes, he’s in control and always will be.

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