Wow those nineteen Bell Canada workers, in Scarborough Ontario, who won Lotto Max’s 50 Million Dollar jackpot are just plain lucky. So lucky in fact, that even more Bell Canada worker’s are claiming a piece of the pie….er..not so lucky.

I’ve played in groups before where I was the group leader. Several times, I would put in another person’s share, out of my pocket, for regular players. When I was short on cash, someone else would spot me! So I don’t know how I feel about this dispute.   All I knew, that I couldn’t live with myself if a regular player missed out!

All 19 claimants received 1.66 million dollars today. I believe that an average worker, at Bell, probably receives around $50,000 a year. So let me think about this..yep they are a lot richer today than yesterday.

They also won the jackpot on a week where several people were on vacation.  A week where giving, holidays, serving other’s and joy is at its highest. Were the individuals, who are disputing this win, forwarned about the lottery group prior to leaving for Christmas holidays? Was there a few free tickets won the previous week that these eleven people participated in?

There are so many scenario’s to consider. Another scenario, that would break my heart is that one employee said that they couldn’t afford the contribution for the week. That would be it for me, I’d be like here take 1/2 of my share if everyone else wants to dispute it.   I couldn’t imagine shunning anyone who “couldn’t afford it”. 

Bottom line, 1.66 Million dollars is a huge amount of cash. Life’s mission is not to be greedy but to serve your fellow man. New Age enthusiasts promote serving others, thinking positive, and less focus on the ego. If the claimants lose their dispute, the current winners will receive a little over 900,000 dollars more.

Really, if I couldn’t live off of what they received today, I ought to be shot and left to die. If these people, claiming to be part of the group, played previously on a regular basis or couldn’t afford to play due to Christmas and giving to their loved ones, I’d say suck it up and hand it over.

Life’s too short, It is my considered opinion nothing good will come out of fighting over that much prosperity.

What goes around, comes around.

“Live your dreams, to the Max”….don’t crush other people’s dreams.

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