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It’s what fashion critics anticipate all year – Award Season, the biggest show being the Oscars.  This year’s theme appears to be jewel encrusted, bright, bold and beautiful. 

All the men are looking rather dapper, but it is the women’s hair, jewels and attire that lands on tomorrow’s hit and miss list.

My thoughts on tonight’s fashions thus far.

Celine Dion looked regal in a white floor length gown and flowing hair.  She looks fabulous since she recently gave birth to twins.  Celine has always looked fabulous on the Red Carpet. It was her wedding day veil that no one will forget.  A true miss.
Sandra Bullock, the once very plain looking woman, is stunning in a red Vera Wang dress and few jewels.  She looks relaxed and happy after the news of her husband’s book announcement this week.  Her beauty increases as she ages. 

Penelope Cruz has the look!  Red, jewel encrusted and hot!  Great after baby choice!  No more needs to be said.

Helena Bonham Carter toned down her Golden Globe look (a little) wearing a funky black dress.  I think she’s fab!  She’s free to be herself, no holds barred.

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Always my favorite, Hilary Swank looked amazing in Gucci.  That woman has a back to die for! 

My worst dressed selection, thus far, would be Scarlett Johansson .  I was not impressed the wine coloured, is it see through or not, dress.  Her hair looked drab and unkept.  This is not the regal full lipped Scarlett that I adore.

Nicole Kidman places a close second for worst dressed as I believe that she looks washed out, despite being a true beauty.  She can do so much better.

There are so many stunning woman on the Red Carpet.  Too many to judge in fact!  Gweneth, Marissa, Reese, and all the lovely ladies are timeless.  No matter what they look like tonight, their beauty will shine for year’s to come. After all, the reason why they are on the Red Carpet, is not because of their look but their skills as an artist.

The biggest question I’ve had, since the Toronto Film Festival and seeing Olivia Newton John, is what in the hell have you done with your lips?  I felt like asking her if someone had punched her!

I have no idea what the older artist’s are injecting into their lips but it diminishes their true beauty.  Am I safe to assume that it’s Botox?  There has to be something else to enhance those aging lips…..sheesh.

My predictions for the 2011 Academy Awards are:

  • Natalie Portman for Best Actress
  • Amy Adams for Best Supporting Actress
  • Colin Firth for Best Actor
  • Christian Bale, Best Supporting Actor
  • The King’s Speech, Best Movie

Go Toy Story 3!!!

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