From Anne and James’ opening monologue, to Melissa Leo dropping the F-Bomb, the 2011 Academy Awards was another success.  Why wouldn’t it be after all?  Tomorrow, the media mongrels will have a hay day on fashion misses, parodies about the boredom they had to sustain throughout the whole show, and Robert Downey Jr laughing at his past misfortunes.

I agree with one tweeter’s comment that Anne Hatheway and James Franco, hosting the Oscars, resembled more of an MTVish atmosphere.  I anticipated a lot more laughter, but James Franco just doesn’t cut it as a comedian.  He reminds me of the cute boy that giggles a lot but rarely tells a joke.  He’s grandma loving cute, certainly not funny.  Anne, if matched up with someone else, would have taken the Oscars to a new age comedic level.  It is my considered opinion that they were an unusual match for hosting the biggest awards show of the year. 

It’s a common denominator; Bad Match = Bad Show, and Billy Crystal’s appearance only proved that even the celeb’s were bored and greatly appreciated his presence, if only for a few short minutes.  Some people can act, while other’s can act AND present in front of a live audience.

Kurt Douglas stole the show, in my opinion.  His will to continue to come out and present an award was phenominal.  His comment, “You’re much better looking than you were on The Fighter”, to Melissa Leo, was priceless, and her response was even better! 

I adored Christian Bale’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress.  He truly was earnest, but did he forget his wife’s name or did he get “veclempt”?

I was enamoured by Luke Matheny’s, (God of Love, winner of Live Action Short) comment “I should have gotten a hair cut” comment.   We are only getting older and the younger generation is stepping in.

The auto tune parody was also quite humorous and only proves that the Oscar’s, like the Royals, needs to modernize.  We must take the old comedic humour and mix it up a little.  I am a bit concerned as I wonder if the next generation really knows how to be funny?  Live presentation requires a certain amount of old adage improv skills.    However, those over forty, must be patient and accept new age trends and humour.  (It really isn’t as funny as the old days)
Sigh, I still miss the slapstick humour of Three’s Company, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Uncle Buck.

That’s my 11th hour opinion on the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and I’m off to bed before it’s done.  The Oscars was far from the best in show.  In actual fact, it was quite possibly the worst ever. 

With that said, it may be my old unmodernized views on live television; perhaps it can only get better from here.

Goodnight Starlets

…..ok I got under the covers, got up, and turned it back on. How can one give a recap without watching the best awards?

Congratulations to Natalie Portman for Best Actress!  Isn’t she lovely? (I did not understand the film what so ever.)

To my wonderfully talented (humina humina) Colin Firth, congratulations on winning Best Actor.  If you require an escort or assistant for the next Toronto Film Festival, I’ll always make my schedule available for you!

Finally, congratulations to The King’s Speech for Best Motion Picture.  It was a phenominal portrayal of a historical figure. 

Now it’s time to go to bed, I have to get up early to accept my win of Lady Gaga Tickets from Virgin Radio 99.9.  (Finger’s crossed)

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