Ultimate Blog Party 2011
We’re having us a party …uh-huh…and I think I can come
To expand my reader base and to encourage other’s to follow other bloggers that I love, I have decided to participate in the #UBP11 event and donate a prize.
I will be giving away one $25.00 Visa Gift Card to a lucky participant of #UBP11
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  •  AND of course, follow my blog on your chosen Blog Network on the left hand side of this screen.

Blogging for me isn’t about making money, it’s all about the writing, creating relationships, and having debates.   Basically, blogging for me is a venue to share and serve; a meeting of like minded souls. 

*Note:  Always comment and never be afraid to express an opposing opinion on my blog posts.  That’s what make’s blogging so great!

I’d like to start some guest blogging on Life’s a Blog as well because I’m sure I’m not the only one with a life like this.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Good luck and have fun at 2011 Ultimate Blog Party 

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