Lady Gaga ate my heart, at the Air Canada Centre, on March the 3rd, in Toronto, Ontario.  This is my very first BIG concert experience and it was fabulous.

Initially, I unsuccessfully tried to win tickets through venues like Virgin Radio 99.9 and Much Music Canada.  In the end, I waited five hours in line in hopes to be one of the few to have the chance to purchase tickets.  At exactly 8 pm., my hopes were granted.  It was a car payment, but so worth crossing this concert off my “bucket list”.

From Boys, Boys, Boys to Born This Way, her talent and her own personal story touched my heart immensely.

Many people were exasperated and fed up as Gaga showed up an hour and a half late.  I know my own fifteen year old daughter was ready for a snooze by the time she hit the stage.   However, once she appeared, the party was back in full motion and the tardiness was quickly forgotten and forgiven.

Her message of self love and the future generation was a theme that no one should miss – because we all are a little lost at times.

Another part of the concert that touched me was her loving motherly instincts kicked in when Maria Aragon hit the stage.  Having her sit on her lap, Maria and Gaga sang and played Born this Way on the piano.  It was an epic event to witness this ten year old girl who went viral, on YouTube, only a few short weeks ago.  Way to go Maria.  Maria was born to be on stage!

All in all, this is my first and last concert.  It was part of my list of people and things to see, and it’s now fulfilled.

I pledge to do the things I was BORN to do; sing, entertain, write, and inspire those around me.

All I have left is the memories and pictures, but isn’t that what most experiences end up being?  Even life…..?

Thank you Lady Gaga for a wonderful evening and experience with my daughter.  By the way, she got the message WELL, which was my whole intention.


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