We all know that being a sexy celebrity and a fabulous singer at the same time is tough.  However, I think this weekend is going to be a tell tale sign if Drake can pull it off as MC at the 2011 Juno Awards.  As well, it is also the 40th Anniversary of the Juno Awards.  (Breathing down your neck Drake as scary music plays in the background)

After his rumoured “cocky” approach to the Much Music Awards, where he chose to miss rehersal and wing it that night, was an undeniable fail on his part, we need to ensure that Drake is on his game on Sunday night. Being an MC is no laughing matter, look at Jame’s Franco and Ann Hatheway at the Oscars.  They were spliced and diced for weeks after. 

So Drake, I think you need a right hand woman who will blog about the trials, tribulations and the whole experience as MC of the 40th Annual Juno Awards 2011, before the media lauds or shreds you to bits the next day.

I will be your MC Blogger….but if you’re not with it, I’m definately free to blog for the Juno Group, Michel Buble, or on the Red Carpet.

Here’s to music, here’s to the Juno’s….enjoy it and embrace it Toronto.

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