Wow, if you ever take the time to look up hashtag #bullying on Twitter, you will find a variety of information ,as well as so many cries for help from young children and mothers.

Two weeks ago, I tried to make Bullying a trending topic on the day Obama and his wife held a conference at the White House about Bullying.  It didn’t work….. but it could have with 845 tweeters on my list! Like the hair commercial, if two of friends of mine would do it, then two friends of theirs, and so on and so on.

Trending topics are viral, and bullying just isn’t as important as Charlie Sheen’s #winning, while he sips on #tigerblood, as he shimmies behind his kitchen cupboard.  It’s a sad reality, seeing someone suffer is more amusing, than it is sad.  Many people do pity, but they follow the crowd to fit the norm. 

The reason why we should show appreciation and recognition on days that focus on bullying is for the child in this video who’s screaming for help.   It’s time we focus on the real issues.  Trend the topics that matter most to our future generation. 

I realize that funny things, celebrities, and motherhood can thwart our attention on the real issues of today, but really, we should always take a minute to support those who are suffering.
This may be silly and mundane to some, but I encourage everyone to look up hashtag #bullying once a week and perhaps you can support someone that’s in need.

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