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 According to People magazine and Twitter, Charlie Sheen was booed at his Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth kick off in Detroit. 

Various negative twitter reviews (via Charlie’s Twitpics) started a few minutes before he showed up on stage until his abupt closing at 10pm, when the booing escalated and several attendees walked out.  Sheen disclosed to one heckler that “he still got his money.”

“Charlie Sheen I want my time back! What a let down you failed Detroit LOSER!”

“The crowed ruined the show! They didn’t give him a chance to talk.”

“Seriously people…save your money….he sucks…I am at the show and wishing I had not wasted my cash”

It wasn’t just the audience who was confused by his rants, Sheen readily admitted that he was confused as well, but confirmed that he wrote his act himself.

It’s so sad to see this wondefully talented man on this downward spiral.  I hope that he seeks the help he needs and society doesn’t enable his habits by contiuing to promote this tour.  Like Anna Nicole, we enabled all media to promote her antics.  We now support his erratic behavior by paying to see it. 

Like someone said on Twitter the other day, “If you are planning on investing money for the Charlie Sheen Live Tour, think again and help those in need (like in Japan).”

I couldn’t agree more.  Good luck Chuck…you’re in my prayers. 

To those who paid for tickets to Sheen’s show, what more do you expect?  Did you not “get it”, in his media appearances, that he is a very sick man?

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