Something very special will happen for my blog tonight.  Since I was told about this, I’ve been wracking my brain to write an epic prologue, prior to the announcement on my blog at 6PM.

This morning, I wrote a personal branding statement that you can peruse on my links tab above.  It really didn’t make much sense to write this as I truly do not want to monetize from my blog.  However, I’d love to subsidize the events I blog about from time to time as my Mastercard is taking a beating.

My personal mission statement basically boils down to sharing and serving others.

Over the past year, I’ve come to realize that writing thought provoking right brained thinking articles just wouldn’t cut it.  My highest blog views stems from my experiences through Entertainment and Gossip.  Last December, I decided to mix it up where my thought provoking articles grew in readership as well.  It made me elated to know that my hobby of being at events and taking non-professional shots of famous musicians and actors, can intermingle quite well to my right brained off the wall thoughts. 

With that said, I’m not searching for more followers, I am desiring for more readers.  I’m searching for those readers who want to share stories, debate ideas, and gain insight on many common issues in life.  Education comes from a sharing of experiences and many times, I go on blogs where experiences are tightly canned into the perspective of what we should be doing because everyone else is doing it persona.

For example, the term “Chew the Rag” basically describes an instance where something is bothering you and you have to get it out to ease some underlying emotional angst.  Where in reality, chewing the rag, is a baby, who is teething and chewing on a facecloth to soothe those aching gums and relieving some of the pain and tension they feel. 

Today, it wouldn’t be normal not to have a teething ring or necklace, when in actual fact, an ice cold clean facecloth will help them just as well.  No one would admit to that today though.    It’s just not fashionable to have your kid chewing on a face cloth (even though it works best).

So, to save face, we end up sharing the ideas of the norm for whatver reason.  (At this point, my blog opens those for debate, which I never get much to my chagrin).

I know silly analogy, but I hope you get my point.  Let’s live out of the box for a brief moment and share ideas which may provoke debate but creates friendships as well.  No animousity, just serving and sharing.

So if you’re a right brained thinker and have a right brained thought to share, I invite you to write a guest article from time to time.  Email me at [email protected] and we’ll chat.  My world is everyone’s oyster (if you have taken the time to read my bullying events over the past few months).

I hide nothing, because I want people to learn from me.
I share everything, because each experience provides education to another.

If I can touch one person everyday, then my blog has served me well. 

Welcome to my world.

Thanks for stopping by,


Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, love ends when you stop caring, friendship ends when you stop sharing… so share this with whom ever you consider a friend.

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