The past week I’ve dealt with bullying, cancer, politics, and the daily angst of being a Mother.

Oh yes, I’m just like you in line of questioning my children.

“Did you do your homework?”
“Did you do your chores?”
“Why is your grade a 52?”
“That’s it your grounded since you can’t obey the rules.”

But one thing I was thinking of tonight, is I forgot the most important question of them all.

“What did you do to make life a little different?  Have you lived today?”

The digital world stifles our children.  It gives them the accessibility to communicate without words, which thwarts communication and creative thoughts.

There are so many things we stress our children with (school, sports, extra curricular) that we forget that they have to live too!

The past year has been a financial disaster for me, however, I have lived.  I’ve been on National Television twice, started a blog, twittered, interviewed political figures including a Minister of Science and Technology.  I’ve lived my dream.  In fact, there is nothing I’ve said NO to.  Finally, after 38 years on this earth I’m living.

I thought to myself, imagine if I was 20,what could I do?  Imagine, if I was as brave then?  Would I be more successful and fulfilled than I am today?  Probably because right now it’s no holds barred.

I think we should encourage our children to live more at an early age.  Why put all those pressures on them?

I am thinking of starting something that will encourage more kids to do so.   To hell with the narcisstic parent’s who believe the textbook that kid’s need routine and regiment.  Yes, while there are some kid’s that thrive on it (my son does), there are many other’s who need to live to overcome depression, anxiety, and sadness.

I see both sides of the spectrum….but I also see a lot of children on anti depressants that only need to live in order to thrive and be the best that they can be.

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