Going to Chapters to buy this bag!

After finding out that my very healthy, health conscious, and wonderful friend was diagnosed with brain cancer last week, I realized that “Time’s a wastin”.

If someone like her can be touched with the battle of her life, then what makes me any better than her?

So I’ve made my bucket list.  Starting today, I’m focusing on fulfilling my dreams….actually I’ve already been working on it, I just didn’t realize it.

1. Now that I’ve been on CBC and CTV News, I’m going to pull out the big guns.  Next stop, CNN.

2. I’m going to write a comedy routine and go to an amateur night at Second City.  If they boo me off stage, then…….they boo me off stage.  So be it.

3. I’m going to get fit.  I love to eat but I’ve always had this dream of wearing a pair of short shorts.

4. I’m going to continue to blog from the heart.  I’ve been tempted in the giveaways and such, but it’s not really my blog mission in life.  I’d love to make a mark in the world by sharing my world, not someone else’s products.

5. I’m going to video blog TIFF this year.  I’d love for a corporate company to take me on as a TIFF blogger.  Who knows?  We’ll see.  We can all dream can’t we?  Writing it down, makes it a committment to myself.

6. I’m going to stand at the Hollywood sign.  However, I’ll be in Hollywood for a purpose.  A greater purpose than wanting to be a Billionare, so frickin bad.

7. I’m going to get rid of the addictions……..as soon as I figure out how not to be a coward to my addictions.

8. I’m going to start meditating and listen to Wayne Dyer nightly.  When I was listening to him daily, I had peace in my mind.

9. I’m going to laugh more. Stop worrying about money and laughing.  It seems to be working.  Live, Love, Laugh.

10.  I’m going to serve.  I intend to serve as God wanted me, and everyone else, to do.  I’m going to start volunteering (somewhere).

So there ya have it, no huge trips, not a lot of money required.  I realize that these stupid interviews made me feel that much closer to living my dream even though there was no exchange of money or celebrity.

I just love challenging myself.

PS…if anyone can help me get my blog transferred to lifesablog.ca…it would be greatly appreciated.  I have the domain, I have the space…just can’t figure out what the heck to do.

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