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I loved watching Hannah Montana with my daughter for many years.  I loved her innocence, sense of humour, and the closeness with her father.  She was a perfect little girl.
But this is the photo where she gained my utmost respect. (Dripping with sarcasm)  Is this how our sweet little cherubs will eventually find their own sense of self.  
Do you find that I’m quick to judge?
Well, this is a prime example of a perfect little girl gone wild.  In a few years time, she may be a perfect lady again.  
Life throws us curve balls and we have to be prepared to catch them. 
Don’t ever categorize anyone as perfect, because no one is.
Sadly, not even your child.
And that’s a good thing
because it’s too much stress to be that perfect person. 
Always remember, we all get lost sometimes.
One day, this could be your child!
(but probably not on a live broadcast of the Much Music Awards)

Much Music Awards 2010 – http://www.perezhilton.com/

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