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I won thanks to you! 

First and Foremost, I want to thank all of my tweeting friends for providing me the opportunity to attend Playbook Toronto and win a Playbook.  I love ya!

Funny story, initially I was dismayed that I didn’t receive a direct message, stating that I had won, from Blackberry on Twitter.  About an hour later, I looked at my personal email only to see that Blackberry followed me that morning. 

“That’s odd.  Why would Blackberry follow me, if I didn’t win?”, I thought to myself.

I took it upon myself to review the people that they decided to follow that morning.  About 90% of them proclaimed that they were DM’d and won a Playbook.  Hmm…..what should I do?

Well I took a chance and messaged them stating, despite sounding greedy, I believed that they forgot to send me something since they decided to follow me this morning.  Five minutes later, I received my congratulations from Blackberry.  Phew….good thing I took a chance.

Anyway, the papers are signed, skill testing question answered, and I have my three friends who are absolutely pumped about Playbook Toronto on Wednesday. 

I can’t wait to meet fellow tweeters as well!  So neat!

I’ve heard mixed reviews about Playbook.  I can’t wait to give you my play by play at the end of the week.

Keep following friends!


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