Well it was a beautiful day to be in Toronto.  My daughter was super excited to attend the Broken Heel Diaries MMVA Celebrity Gifting Suite.  I must say it was different. 

I didn’t party with the rock stars like at WHAMBAM or schmooze with them like TIFF.  But overall I met some great people like…when I go somewhere I wanna go big; schmooze, laugh, and relax!

Casie from http://www.casiestewart.com/ (no relation).  Super young girl!
I absolutely loved Marcus Troy and his hospitality!  Thanks for the t-shirt…only wish it was shoes…:-(
Another super blogger I met, who represented Beyond the Rack, was Jay Strut.  He’s so amusing and is very talented (now that I’ve checked out his blog).  Stole a picture (Sorry Jay!)
The Folks at David’s Tea made my day!  They were such great hosts I decided to make their day as well!
Lauren from Much Music was a cutie and very social…I like that in a local celebrity!
The best part is that we had a great time meeting new people!  Christina didn’t want to leave she was having so much fun!  We got some great swag, but of course, the swag no wear near resembled what the celebs get!  That’s the only thing I do not understand…….why do celebrities get all this swag when they can buy a dozen of them each and not even put a dent in their wallet?
But there is thankfulness in me for any experience that comes my way.
After that, we grabbed some grub and went to tour Yorkville.  I think my days of hunting down stars are coming to an end because I’m dreadfully bored of it.  I want to be front and center I guess.  
The weekend is far from over, so far so good.  I just gotta get some wristbands!
Thanks #BHDSuites and their fabulous staff for a great day!

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