I’ll start off with the letter, but I do have to end with a few additional comments.

To Whom it May Concern,

This afternoon, I went to the liquor store on Cedar Street in Cambridge, Ontario. Unknowingly, I asked my teenager daughter and her friend to come and help me out.  It started off as a good day as my friend, with brain cancer, is having a good day. She asked me to pick her up a few coolers and that we’d have a gathering tonight.

Anyway, obviously I did wrong by allowing my daughter to carry the case of coolers because my hands were full of other things.  That I will not dispute. However, the little girl at the cash was adamant that she told me before, to the point that she argued about it. I have never been told about this before EVER!

I have to completely admit that there has been times where both my kids have entered the store and helped me out. I did it timeless times with my father years ago.  However, it will not happen again because I’m a RULE FOLLOWER despite whatever this argumentative little girl believes.

What turned out to be a glorious day ended up with myself, my daughter, and her friend feeling victimized.

I am so angry and I will be spreading the word about the Cedar Street Store in Cambridge, Ontario. Going forward, you bet that I will be enforcing the rules, explaining the rules to other’s so it doesn’t happen to them, but I choose not to be served by this girl again. I will simply leave….I simply don’t need booze that badly.


Trina Stewart

Prologue to my letter:

I think that if hadn’t it been a great start to a day for three cheerful girls prepping for an ill friend’s gathering, I wouldn’t be as angry.  Yes, you can call me a bad mom for asking my daughter to hold the carton of coolers.  Go ahead, I claim ignorance and it won’t happen again that I hand those sealed bottles over to anyone.  I am a rule follower.

However, that girl was just simply adamant to get an admission out of me.  In fact, her voice raised when I informed her that her suggestion was news to me.  It was as if I was a criminal rather than a customer!  People like that should not be in customer service.  There is a way to handle everything.  There’s a backroom behind the cash, why not take me back there so we can discuss it?  Why not, whisper it to me?  She’s clearly mistaken on who she advised in the first place because it certainly wasn’t me!

Next time I walk into that store and see that girl’s face, I will certainly make no qualms to state why I’m walking back out of the store.  I guess that girl has no clue how it feels to be victimized.

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