My First Selection for Once Upon a Read a Thon

Oh my, I’m ashamed at the amount of reading I’ve been doing lately.  Normally, I can polish off two books a week.  However, with my recent obsession of WordPress and blogging, I’ve been dwindling.  I have three bags beside my night table.  One contains, must read books.  While the other two are must read’s after I complete the first bag.  Not only that, I’ve also got a Kobo reader which is filled with books that I have downloaded as well.

It’s amazing as one does not have to buy one book from Kobo since the array of free books are astounding.  From, Sense and Sensibility to Star Wars, I think there’s an abundance of “must read” books on the free list.  I’ve downloaded many but have read none.

So, tonight I chose something light which resulted in reading the whole book.  This book took me back to my childhood year’s when I would open up my little blue record player and pull out my 75 record of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and follow along with the stories being told.  I would lay on the floor and pretend I was one of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and laugh in joy that the princess figured out Rumpelstiltskin’s name.

Yes, fairy tales.  A legacy that did not carry on to our children.  I will always cherish my early love of short stories, imagination, and life lessons.

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