The official kickoff to the Toronto International Film Festival is on September 8, 2011.  Our mother and daughter weekend generally starts around 1:00 p.m on September the 9th.  This is our 4th year anniversary and with my daughter being 16, it could very well be our last.

I’m so excited again this year.  There is one bump in the road and I’m asking for your suggestions.

Yes, news reports show that most Canadians are in more debt than ever.  We’ve suffered a fair amount but we’re keepin on, keepin on.  However, the Toronto Film Festival weekend costs no less than $700.00 for my daughter, a friend and myself.  So, I was thinking that since I’m an avid attendee, I think I’m going to solicit my services.

I wrote a letter to a few hotels, but I think I’m going to look into hotels where events are not happening as well.   I kindly asked them allow us to be their in-house hotel blogger for the weekend.  I pointed out that these onlookers are not only potential customers, but they also want the scoop of what’s happening inside (that they can’t see).  By no means would we be celebrity stalking, but we may take the opportunity to take pictures of the event along with the hotel room and hospitality. Sigh, I’m feeling a little like a mooch so I’m uncertain if I’m saying the right thing.

I believe that Liberty Grand has enough Toronto bloggers under their belt and I would assume that they are young sassy chicks.    As well, I do have my 16-year-old daughter in tow.  So no party for me!

Any fellow followers, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I’m going to make this work as it could be our last.

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