Once upon a time, when we disliked a teacher we’d post funny pictures and pass notes. My parent’s would smack me if I ever got caught making fun of a superior.

The tables have turned as today, parent’s are cyber bullying our teachers.

Say NO to Bullying

It’s very hard to fight ghosts on the Internet.  The digital age has made it easier for our children to keep abreast with homework and gives parent’s the accessibility to up to date marks of our children.

A new study shows that 26 percent of teachers are being cyberbullied online by parents.  It truly is unbelievable how much our world has changed.

Once upon a time, parent’s allowed teachers to be the “boss” of their children at school.   Nuns used to discipline with a hair on the hand and a smack of the ruler.  Principals were not your friend, never seen, unless a pupil was in trouble.  Parent’s always listened to the school’s advice.

By cyber bullying our teachers, we have allowed our children to, once again, control their surroundings.  Teacher’s have lost their power and their voice.  With that, who hurts in the end?  Of course the teacher does, but what about the child?

I have lived through experience that the “oh don’t be so hard on her” approach raises very manipulative children.  They know how to play the “woah’s me” game to maintain control of their surroundings.  And, I gave teachers full reign to control my child!  I will not challenge a teacher’s discipline unless it border’s favoritism or bullying.  Otherwise, you make the call because I’m not at school all day.

It’s a sad reality that this circle will cease once our sweet cherubs become adults and enter the real world.  They will learn the hard way, that in a working environment, your boss is your boss.  You cannot manipulate or call Mom to save the day.  You must listen or be fired.

This summer I am aware of 4 different teenagers who has been fired within the first month of summer employment.  Is it possible that the loss of control and respect of superiors plays a role in their employment demise?

All I can say, is that I’m adamantly against any form of bullying.  Bullying is all about control, and I’m afraid to say that this study proves that today’s parents are a force to be reckoned with.  I feel very sorry for the teachers.

If you’re a bullying parent,  I invite you to take a trip into the future.  If you’re allowing your child that much control as a kid, what type of parent, boss, employee and human will he/she be?

I stay steadfast that if you’re not in your child’s presence, there still needs to be a superior.  Stay out of it.

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