I am attending my first digital women conference, ShesConnected, and I’m looking for sponsorship.

I have been actively seeking retail sponsorship to assist in the expenses associated with the ShesConnected Conference, in Toronto, Ontario.

However, I don’t know if I’m doing it right.  I explained to my colleagues, that I’m a superstar when requesting funds for an energy efficiency or renovation venture, however, for this venue, I’m rather clueless!

You see, the whole conference focuses on working with Brands, whether it be Toshiba Canada or your local store, brands are everywhere!  So far, I’ve been targeting brands that reflect my lifestyle as I certainly don’t want to promote a brand that won’t be honestly reviewed.

So I’m curious, do you solicit your lifestyle brands or are you an open book?

Here is my personal lifestyle description:

  • Plus Sized Woman
  • Attends many Canadian Events in or around Toronto, Ontario
  • Loves the good life, which includes lots of laughing and a glass of spirits on the weekend
  • Project Manager who loves Social Media and Advertising
  • Loves overnight vacations at nice hotels.
  • Lover of Blackberry, but open to trying other brands
  • Book Lover
  • Technology Lover
  • Loves spiritual and motivational material
  • Has more make up than the typical woman.  Wears it sparingly to avoid aging quickly.
  • I love my hair.
  • GAGA and Ellen Degeneres Lover

So with that said, should I be going out of the box and soliciting other retailers non-relational to my daily life?   Would it be hypocritical?

Would you have additional advice to someone who is new to this?  Is there a retailer who would like to take a chance on me?  I guarantee that I will not disappoint.

Honest, forthright, and true.

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