It was a celebrity sprinkled and drinks a flowing Blackberry Event in Toronto Ontario

“I’ll take one Blackberry Bold unwrapped please”

It was a rainy start to the Blackberry Fan Night in downtown Toronto, but hundred’s arrived, with umbrella’s in hand, to view the new Blackberry OS 7 devices.

The Venue

My husband hurt his foot today and could not make the trek to Toronto.  However, my wonderful Brazilian hottie was more than happy to be my escort.   It’s been six years since we seen one another and the Fifth Social Club (on Richmond and Duncan) was a perfect venue.

The Device and OS 

I’m never very good when it comes to juggling free drinks, great conversation, as well as reviewing a device.  I think most of us can’t review any technology until you really sink your teeth into it.

With that said, here’s my review of my glimpse of the Blackberry OS 7 Devices.  After trying the Torch and the Bold, I remain true to my love of the Blackberry Bold.  I believe it’s much more durable of the two and historically, most people, who I know, complain less about the Bold.

I love the clarity of the screen and the touch features.  Browsing on the device is 10 times quicker than what I have now.  The clarity of the video and camera blew me away! It’s a device I’d want for the Toronto Film Festival!!

The thing that impressed me the most though….was again, the Blackberry staff, their knowledge, and their willingness to answer any question that you may have.  I’m sold….with this quick glimpse, count me in (when I can trade up in 1.5 years).

I rate this device a 5/5!  I am a BB gal by nature!!

The Party

Well, Blackberry has done it again.  They threw a bang up, drinks a flowing, celebrity sprinkled event.  I am totally enamored by their hospitality!

Baseball great, Joe Carter, was the highlight of the night, along with a spray of Canadian celebrities like Ben Mulroney, Much Music VJ Lauren Toyota, some of the cast from Degrassi, and more.

Yes, it’s true, most of the attendees did not receive new phones, however, we did receive Roc-Nation Skullcandy Headphones.  I find it rather odd that they don’t work on my Blackberry or my Playbook though.   It may have been an oversight or an assumption that it would work…..perhaps they will work on the new devices??

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I was a bit disappointed that a new phone wasn’t part of the swag after driving from Cambridge, Ontario.  However, I knew when I headed east of the 401 that it was a 50/50 chance.

I really had a great time at this event and I would happily attend further events to provide a review, meet some great people, and get treated like a respected guest!

Thanks Blackberry!!!

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