I have three emails that go to my Blackberry;

  • One that is a home email which holds newsletters, emails telling me that I am the heir to millions, family emails and a whole pile of junk.
  • One that receives messages for my blog and those who want to talk business.
  • One that is my work email.

I generally do a dump to my home mail every so often, and I was going to do this Monday night, until I seen an email; the email.

Your story “In My Rearview Mirror” has made it to the final selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters. Only a small percent of the submitted stories have made it this far. The vast majority of stories in this “last round” will appear in the book, but we do not make the final decisions until about a month before the publication date.

I was filled with delight that something written from my heart could be published in this wonderful edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul!  This poem is something that I wrote after a horrible altercation with my daughter as she got out of the car, and I watched her walk to the school through my rear-view mirror.

I am truly honored to be in the final selections.


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