SCConf2011 Badge ImGoing v1 Im off to ShesConnected #SCCTO Tomorrow

Well off I go to ShesConnected tomorrow.  I’m very excited to see what a full fledged blogging conference is like!

I’m a conference and trade show queen, however, most of my shows have consisted of renovators and manufacturers that I know very well.  We’d make a point to reconvene yearly for lunch where we would laugh and talk about our daily ventures and encounters.   When night fell, we’d gather for a wonderful meal and WAY too many drinks while laughing and joking all night long.

The next day, we’d figure out just who was the sickest.  The majority of the time it was me.  People in renovation can party.  (RIP Dennis Strassburger, you were so much fun.  HomeBuilder would be nothing without you. What a shock to learn that this wonderful individual passed on last year.)

Somehow, I don’t think this will be the case at SCCTO.  Along with myself, I think everyone is going to be taking in the information to expand their base and learn the tricks of the branding trade.

Right now, all I yearn for is a quiet room, away from teens, and a good book at night.  However, who knows…..I’m always in for a night on the town!

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