As TIFF 2011 Draws to a Close, Life’s a Blog has a Smile on her Face

Despite a slow start and an article called “How to Spot a Celebrity at TIFF” that wasn’t factual due to the sudden change of TIFF 2011’s venues, I must say I am spent and happy.

Day 1 – Arrived in Toronto with my entourage of teenagers anxiously ready for a little star stalking and film.  Within two minutes of our arrival, we find out that TIFF’s Press Conferences are no longer in Yorkville but in the very secluded TIFF Bell Lightbox and surrounding hotels.  Within ten minutes, after our initial disappointment, Bono graced us with his presence outside the Hazelton Hotel, and shook our hand!  Big smile!

I also found out that my tickets to the Descendants were “in the mail” and too bad, so sad, I can’t go to see Clooney without them.  Called my son to see if they arrived, no, even bigger frown!  Lost in the mail.

While strolling through Yorkville after settling into our hotel at the Sheraton Centre, the girls met Gerard Butler looking pretty hot despite being dressed like a scrub.   As I was walking up the street, everyone could hear me say, “NOOOOOO!!  I missed him!” to the kids.  He turns, smiles at me, and gives me a wave.  Heart stops.

Day 2 – Wrote a blog about how disappointed I am that I won’t be seeing the Descendants.  Received an offer from a higher up to see Violet and Daisy next Friday night; best seats in the house, swag bag, and Gala Party on Monday night.  Ok I’ll take it, it’s better than nothing, and there are people starving in Africa.

Seen the wonderful Chris Cornell, Viggo Mortenson, Keifer Sutherland, and a glimpse of Paul Giamatti ass shuffling to the other side of the Cadillac to avoid awaiting fans at the Ritz Carleton.  This year the women were very anti-fan except, on the Red Carpet, as the likes of Keira Knightly, Kristen Dunst, and Marissa Tome avoided our plea for a pic.  However, I look at it this way; do they have to cater to every fan at every stop?  I don’t know if I’d want to either.

Daughter attended the Killer Elite red carpet, only to get no pictures, but had a good hair pulling and a punch in the face by a crazed middle age woman.  I was ticked, went looking for the crazy b****, and ended up getting some great video of Robert DeNiro and Clive Owen.   Found the woman, wasn’t sure if it was her as my daughter left to watch the screening Hick (thanks Blackberry).  I stood behind the lady and told another gawker that whoever requires to hit and the pull hair of a minor to see a celebrity, needs a whole lot of mental help and Prozac.  Woman’s friend kept looking to see if I had left, knew it was her, couldn’t prove it, so I left.  I’m a lover not a fighter.

Q&A at Violet and Daisy Screening at TIFF

Won Take This Waltz Gala tickets from L’Oreal Canada as I strolled around King Street, picked them up at the Lightbox, and went back to hotel to shower and primp up.  I took another friend who was bunking with us for the weekend.  Great movie, loved it.

Returned to the hotel and slept only to find out the next day that the teens were ready to go home.  My daughter said that the film festival isn’t what it was last year and she was interested in the hunt.  I was cool with that and agreed that since I’m making no money out of this, hunting down a celeb or getting harassed while standing on the Red Carpet wasn’t my bad either.

Home we went but nowhere near as tired as we were in years past.  I think as we approached Milton, I sensed my daughter would have loved to have turned around.

Day 4

Headed down for the Diet Coke Gala and decided to park to see if I could see Madonna, premiering movie W.E, on the Red Carpet.  I seen her and took some blurry pictures.  Satisfied, I wondered where I was going to get changed.  I travelled the Horseshoe, in business casual all day, and had my night attire in the car.  I contemplated a hotel bathroom and then decided that the tinted windows in the backseat would work.  I dressed, made a French roll, and did my makeup all in the rear-view mirror.  If a woman can master that, then they can master any wifely duty.

Diet Coke party was a dream with its décor, hostesses, and free drinks.  Love it but I was driving.  I could have partying like a rock star but ended up meeting some tweeps, chatting, and going for a coffee around 11:30 to wake myself for the drive home.  Going to my car, I had to go through the Thompson hotel.  In the elevator, was invited to attend the AMC party.  I contemplated, looked at my goofy Diet Coke swag bag, and mournfully declined.  Thought to myself, what sexual offering did I have to do in order to get my country mouse hubby to move to Toronto.

Day 5  Cambridge and work

Day 6 Cambridge and work.  Amber Mac offered me tix through Twitter to attend the 140 Conference.  I accepted.

Day 7 I attended the 140 Conference at the Tannery in Kitchener Ontario.  Heather Hamilton, Zack’s mom, rocks!  Impressed with most of the speakers, and not so impressed with others.  Thanked Amber Mac personally for the opportunity. She’s a cutie.


Day 8 Returned to Toronto and was very saddened to see few TIFF Cadillac’s driving around. TIFF is drawing to a close.  My daughter and I dined at Jack Astor’s, did a little shopping, and I found fat lady heaven at the Bay on Younge Street.   Again, I changed, and walked to the Ryerson Theatre to watch
truly be honest anymore? Again, reminded myself that there are people starving in Africa and this was just little stuff.  We loved the movie and returned home. Geoffrey Fletcher’s Violet and Daisy.  As I scrolled the theatre, recalled that Diet Coke promised “Beat Seat in the House, close to the talent”. This was a second screening and there was no talent in sight.

All in all, I am very appreciative for everything I won and experienced during the festival.  Most of all, it’s a weekend, whether we spot a celebrity or not, to spend time with my daughter and enjoy the time we have left together before she heads off on her own.

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