All day today the hashtag #OnlyFatPeople trended all day.  Not only did it trend, but I had three hashtags posted on my Tweetdeck:

  • #OnlyFatPeople
  • #Bullying
  • My Own Follower list of 2,265 people across the World.

Say NO to BullyingThe #OnlyFatPeople hashtag was going 50X faster than the bullying hashtag with incredibly mean comments.  The #OnlyFatPeople trend went 10X than my own list of followers.

Seriously folks, how SICK is that??

I asked my 2,265 followers to Retweet the following message:


ZERO Tolerance for #bullying and mean trends like #OnlyFatPeople. RT to stop the Twitter madness! These people think it’s just a “joke”

One of my followers RT’d this message, while five people retweeted who were following the #OnlyFatPeople Hashtag.  I do understand that many of my tweeps were in a chat and probably missed my tweets.  However, I know that out of 2,265 followers, someone seen it and rejected my plea.

So really, if few people won’t take two seconds to RT a message to put an end to #Bullying and Mean Twitter trends… you think people truly “get” the effects of bullying?  All it takes is one Fat Person to read those horrible comments and decide to take drastic action to end their misery.  That is one person is TOO much.

The madness will never end until we stand up to it.   I’m up for the challenge, are you?

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