For those fortunate enough to attend the TIFF 2011 parties, Life’s a Blog salutes you!

Will Madonna, Clooney, and Pitt choose to mix it up with director Paul Haggis, sip Martini’s at the Grey Goose event, or support a cause at the Four Seasons?  We’ll soon find out as the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival is quickly upon us!

For those wanting to catch a glimpse of a celebrity or two (since I’m unable to share the party love on here), please visit for the full list.

I will tell you, that despite having to drive to Toronto only to turn around to come back to Cambridge to get my TIFF sidekicks on Friday, I would love to attend Teenage Paparazzo Experience at the Brant House on Thursday, September 8th. Fingers Crossed!!

For all those party rockers, have fun, drink responsibly, and take lots of pictures!!

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