The Toronto Film Festival is a yearly event at our home.  This year was no exception.  Day 1 proved to be a slightly frustrating, yet profitable day in celebrity sightings.

Bono, from the music group U2, has proven to be the best celebrity ever.

First, I have to admit that I’m not a red carpet fan as I prefer the intimate chance encounters of meeting a celebrity.

Friday morning was quiet on Yorkville as Bono stepped out of the Hazelton Hotel to step into his awaiting Cadillac.

What Bono did was nothing short of astounding for this 4 year TIFF attendee.  Upon his exit from the hotel, he made a B-line to his awaiting fans.  Not only did he sign autographs, but he took the time to shake their hands.  When Bono arrived at my daughter, they were beckoning him to leave, he took her hand, rubbed it on his face and said “I’ll be back, no worries.”

As ridiculous as it sounds, even a person like Bono “gets it”.  We, his fans, put him in that luxurious hotel and fancy Cadillac.  We, his fans, has allotted him the honor, as many other celebrities, to experience a life that we only dream of.

I think if I pass him again today, I think I’m going to just put it out there and ask if I can sing with him too.  Stick out your neck, take a risk, and have fun while doing it.

More stories to follow from this chick on the streets of Toronto.

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