• I love stupid movies like the Love Guru, I can use so many of those crazy lines in my daily banter. (Even though most people look at me odd) ->
  • I am debating whether to #LIVELOUD or just put of Blissdom til I can afford it. ->
  • I have no idea why my 16 yr. old DD and I are watching Rapunzel….could it be that were lovahs and not fightas? ->
  • I just ate a stupid amount of peanut butter cookies and will regret it come bedtime. ->
  • Look at the word Guru. My goal is to get you to say "Gee You Are You!" ™ ->
  • If your name is sphynx cat boo….nope sorry, not adding you to FB until you reveal to me why you call yourself that! ->
  • What Did I Tweet Yesterday?. Remember this? http://t.co/TPmmezci #Daily_Tweets ->

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