Hashtag R Missing the Action at Blissdom Canada #BlissdomCanadaLast December, I started actively tweeting and blogging after a bullying event that took place with my daughter.  Shortly after, I noticed a group of moms speaking about “Blissdom”.  It took forever for someone to respond to me when I ask what it was.  (That’s Twitter)

I was made aware that Blissdom Canada is THE blogging event that is held in Toronto every year.  Being a business woman, I brushed it off as a girl’s weekend rather than a opportunity to create business.  However, I was clearly mistaken.

It was then that I suddenly realized that the blogesphere was much larger than my little blogging bubble that I have created.  Those Blissdom tickets sold out quicker than most concerts at the Air Canada Centre.

I have worked very hard over the past few months to create meaningful relationships while writing quality blog posts that represents my ever-changing life.  I absolutely love having a voice that goes beyond my diary.

About two months ago, I was invited to attend the ShesConnected conference.  To be honest, I wasn’t that excited as conferences come second nature to me.  However, upon arriving at the hotel, I was enlightened.  I met some of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met and learned quite a bit about working with brands from a blogger’s perspective.

After the conference, I have come to realize that blogging really isn’t about your Twitter popularity, your Facebook Page likes, or your Klout Score.  It’s all about engaging your target market.  With the amount of bloggers today, one must differentiate themselves like a renovator does in Toronto.

  • Embrace new opportunities
  • Meet Blogger’s who will assist you in troubled times and visa versa
  • Spend more time honing on your craft, rather than chatting on SoMe Networks.  (I would say 70/30 is a good split which I still need to achieve)
  • Embrace SoMe Networks to increase readership.
  • Go to real life events to have real life stories to share.
  • Participate in events, like ShesConnected and Blissdom Canada to maintain real life relationships (and if you’re lucky meet more wonderful ladies)

With the ever changing market, differentiation is key to success.  How are you differentiating yourself for tomorrow?

This week, I wasn’t that upset about missing Blissdom as I felt that I had it all covered from the ShesConnected event.  However, as I watch the feed #BlissdomCanada on Twitter, I realize that I  want to be at Blissdom next year and the reason is simple….to meet new people who shares the common love of blogging.

So cheers to the women at Blissdom this weekend.  I will see you next year!

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