The Kings of Leon Ruled The Court on Saturday Night In London, Ontario

It was a fabulous night at the John Labatt Centre, with my fellow JLCReviewer, Michelle Clermont, of London Ontario.  The Kings of Leon and the Sheepdogs didn’t hold back on their performance and the fans sang, cheered, and crowd surfed the night away.

This was also a first for my husband and I. We left our teenage kids to tend house for the night. We hoped on all hopes that we’d return home with the house intact.  As an extremely worried Mom, my husband was a little more relaxed than I was.

The Sheepdogs, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan played a great set which ended with their most famous tune, “I Don’t Know”.

The cheers from the audience was indicative that this group is in for bigger and better things.  They may never have to go back to work.

My impression of the Kings of Leon is that they had a rough summer as Caleb Followill, lead singer, proclaimed at least three times that he was having fun.  They were far from engaging, but the impromptu gestures of appreciation was well received.

I absolutely love Followill’s serious and rough edge that he brings to the group despite being ridiculously handsome.

The group arrived on stage within a cloud of smoke and cheering fans.  The first song was Radioactive and they ended the 90 minute show with Sex on Fire.  I was also impressed that their encore was not one song, but three.

I was very disappointed that they didn’t sing Birthday, my favorite song and one that I included in my tribute to my husband’s recent 40th birthday (and I also sing when I try to convince someone to come out and party with me).

After the show, it was all about party and smiles with my group as I said good-bye to Michelle.  There is nothing like meeting great people from Twitter who are genuine and appreciate it as much as you do.  My group returned to our hotel, had a few drinks and headed for the casino.  My slight tipsiness led me to overspend, with no jackpot in sight.  I was somewhat disappointed but it wasn’t like I was going to put the money to better use at a dance club. Either way, it would have went.

The best part of the night out was seeing the house in one piece upon our return.  Wow, my husband and I can actually do this again, I thought!

I want to thank the John Labatt Centre for their hospitality.  If ever you require a full-time reviewer (which is doubtful) keep me posted because whether it’s 70’s music, Cirque de Soleil, or a new up and coming band, count me in!

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