5559366 300x193 Will Bullying Ever Be Obsolete?Will bullying ever be obsolete?  Will there ever come a day that a child can be who they are without feeling obliged to follow the norm?

Today, I mourn for Jamie Hubley, of Kanata Ontario.  Just another teenage boy lost in the abyss of bullying and depression.    This is what it’s boiling down to!  They are “just” another statistic of suicide driven by bullying and depression.   A child should never be “just a statistic”! They should be embraced for the wonderful light that they bring to this ever challenging world.

Sadly, not only is bullying becoming an epidemic, but so is depression and the administration of antidepressants.

Stated in the Ottawa Citizen on October 17, 2011

In a post three weeks ago, he said he was depressed, that medications he was taking weren’t working, and that being gay in high school was so hard —

Such a horrible combination; depression, pills that are ineffective, and bullying.  Did his doctor keep a close eye on the prescription meds and the side effects? Did Jamie even notify his parent’s of the ineffectiveness of the pills?  Was he also one of those kids who spoke loudly in writing but became mute in voice?

So many what ifs and questions on how this tragedy ever be prevented?

All I can say is that there would be a lot less depression in this world if people would just accept other people!

Everyday, I hear ignorant remarks about gays, Indians, foreigners, and yes, even insults about people who are slightly uneducated.    When will we ever stop being so judgmental and live the life that WE are supposed to live?

It is my considered opinion that YOU came into my life for a purpose.  Whether it be at a conference of 200 in attendance or side by side in an office, I was meant to greet you with a smile and treat you with kindness.

I look at my lost solemn daughter every day since her battle with bullying.  I pray that she won’t belong to the suicide statistic, but will gradually return to the spirited side she has lost.  Being spirited or different is not a sin, nor should it be an embarrassment to parents.

Being spirited is living WHO you are.  Let’s raise our voices, take a stand and say it’s OK to be “Born this Way” & what’s WRONG is judging and taunting others!

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