I have to admit, I’m the most unorganized person on the planet.  However, one thing I can attest to is just how much more unorganized I have become due to Twitter and Facebook.  It’s exactly like smoking…the computer draws you near without even thinking about it.

Now, I’m only on Day 5 and I have been avoiding the computer like the plague.  Why? Because the computer is one of my triggers for a cigarette…as is the car…as is a frustrating moment at work or home.  With that said, I feel like I’ve regained another vital part of my life which is living.

Things I have missed out on when I AM online:

– Some great family programming that only I didn’t watch.
– A funny family moment which I was too distracted to take notice
– Some great conversations that I’m sure my level of participation was a grunt.
– Probably some good conversation and a few good friends while my head was glued to my phone.
– Actually talking.  My son and I had an hour long conversation last night.  It was wonderful!
– My house and the increased lack of organization.  If Mom can be on the computer, why can’t we? Not a great role model
– Signals from my husband that he loves me and wants to spend time with only me.
– Talking on the phone with a friend…ok that’s a lie.  I hate talking on the phone.

Everything fun and exciting in this world is amazing within reason.  I can’t explain exactly how – I feel, but it’s like I’ve uncovered yet another addiction that needs disposing of in order to live my optimal life.  Blogging is so very important to me as are the relationships I create online.  However, why do I need to spend 10 hours on Twitter looking for more friends when the ones I’ve made are just a phone call away?   Why not cut a few of those hours, close the twitter feed and play monopoly with my kid (yet another non-trigger point for a smoke since I rarely do it)?

I’m encouraging everyone to think about their time spent online and how it can be better utilized.  Have you gained weight, smoked more or had increased family disconnect since you’ve been online?

Sometimes it takes giving up one thing in your life to realize just how much you gave up in total.

Here’s to Day 5 of No Smoking.  I hope that you’re taking this journey with me.  I send you luck and love.


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