I have always been a believer that slow and steady wins the race.  Back in the 1900’s, when we were all clamoring to purchase our new $4,000 Home PC with Windows 95, there were a few choice people who were not on the wagon.  Steve Jobs was one of the quiet dragons waiting for the right moment to bestow his mammoth idea to the world.

Sure the MAC computer was a high price commodity that few could afford.  However, the Ipod made music available to anyone on any budget.  Ipod influence generated more MAC purchases.  I realize that the Mac was around for years prior to Windows 95.  The evolution of transforming the entire music industry was not.

Today I will not be attending Tweetstock.  Why?  Half of me would LOVE to on a very personal level.  I met Kevin Magee and not only is he a business man, but he’s also authentic!  There’s nothing more that I love than authenticity.

 I have to respect a person who will talk to anyone in the room and keep on talking.

For the past year, I’ve been researching and building a Social Media platform that includes everyone.  Every person, every brand, and every online platform.  I’m trying to figure out the missing link in connecting brands (small and large) with everyone and not the “Popular” crowd.

After all, ten years ago who would have ever thought that geeks would take over the world? The popular crowd will always come and go with a simple slip of the tongue.

Like the sleeping giant of Apple, I feel confident that my research is done and I am ready to make the mold.

There is no denying that Social Media needs a lot more work.  I dare anyone to go on a community, may it be Twitter or a long standing Facebook Group, and try to elicit a response from the “leaders”.  In my research,  20% of the so-called “leaders” respond to everyone no matter what that person’s status is.  Seriously, are those influencers?

If Problogger can be responsive, so can YOU!  Don’t use a busy feed as an excuse.

Take a look at brands.  I have tested the industry on their response rate in regards to media inquiries.  Most of the “unknown” brands work their ta-ta’s off to generate a social media response while 5% of the larger brands are unresponsive.  Can you imagine? Without divulging my budget, I was not “seen” as influential enough.  Let me see, I’m a mom, business woman, and teaches companies how to market online and off?

No one can tell me that any good brand wouldn’t want to talk to a person with a roster of clients and a fair size budget?  This includes Brands, High Profile Blogging Websites, and Computer Support Companies.  Like the influencers, the He-man image came into play.  They only wanted to deal with people who talked to the “in” crowd.

What makes a good brand in Social Media?  It is my considered opinion that those who respond to client inquiries in a timely manner.   As well, those who have a Community Manager with a marketing and sales background.

Another fact that I have learned is that when you tell Brands (in a “real life” meeting) that you have a roster of bloggers who will write about you for free or product they cringe.  It’s a sure sign of aligning themselves with people who do not value their influence.  Come on bloggers, CHARGE for your services.  You ARE worth it.

If one blogging outlet can charge $15,000 for advertising and believes that they can sit on an inquiry for two-months, YOU CAN certainly charge $500.00 for your time!  You are precious commodities!

Yes, I have talked to everyone on Social Media and for the most part, it’s been a super experience.  Through my travels, I have met some great women, men, and wonderful Brands.   I too have had experiences (which I did for free) that were prosperous.

The time has come to put it all together one client at a time!

I’m a social media influencer who talks to everyone and is open to any opportunity thrown my way as long as it doesn’t exclude ANYONE!  This is what makes big business.

Now if I can only train my puppy to pee outside, I’ll have it made!

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