Oh what a night! Prince in concert brought me to my feet!  It was by far the greatest concert of all time.  I feel very honoured to have seen this legendary artist live!

There was one disappointing moment though.  I acknowledge that many of you will say that it’s irrelevant and to move on.  However, being in sales and marketing, I was truly astounded at the lack of tact that the Social Media “Expert” from the John Labatt Centre had with me last night.  Customer Service is always key whether online or offline.  Ignoring a customer is inexcusable..admitting to the act of ignoring is ignorance.

For weeks now, I have been promoting the Prince Concert at the JLC. In fact, I have posted over 75 Twitter Posts that has included the JLC Twitter handle and the fact that Prince was going to be there.

I got to thinking about how much my promotion of  John Labatt Centre  increased their online followers and exposure.

Keep in mind, I am no way affiliated with the JLC nor do I get paid to advertise their events.

What has provoked me to write about this?  Well I am a sales and marketing consultant and today I orchestrated an advertising drop to 2,500 homes which cost the company $1,200.  All I had to do was print flyer and send for delivery.  Almost as quick as a tweet!

From a social media standpoint, I promoted the JLC 75 times (or more) to 3,200 people (many in the vicinity of London, Ontario) which equates to 240,000 views of my tweets over a month span….FOR FREE.

Furthermore, I have created an Event Calendar on my blog (to be launched in January in its completion) which has received 3,000 hits on Prince’s London performance and a link to the JLC Website…FOR FREE

This is not including the Facebook Posts on my personal or page…FOR FREE

While I’m on numbers I just checked out my after concert review posted about an hour ago……It received 150 views so far.   As well, the concert review will go out to 80,000 people, within the next 48 hours, through my social media group…FOR FREE

For me, blogging is all about marketing! I love to market concerts, events, and people and things that I think are wonderful……..for free.  There will come a day that this charity will turn into to something greater.   I have no doubt.

So long story short, I asked, the JLC Twitter Account, several times over the past week I was able to upgrade tickets.  I didn’t get any response.  So finally the last night I posted, “I am going to the box office to see if I can upgrade seeing that @jlc doesn’t want to respond.  WTF?”

This was the response that I was  given (see below)…..


While I’m not upset with the John Labatt Centre, I’m very disappointed in the Social Media “Professional”.  This was the crappiest thing to see minutes for the concert.


All along, she/he thought I was mooching without clarifying.

Do other brands online view Social Media Influencers as Moochers and that’s why don’t respond to our queries?


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