A Spacey Production for Beyonce and Jay-Z?

It has been reported that that power pair, Beyonce and Jay-Z, allegedly plan to produce their next music video in Space aboard one of Richard Branson’s Virgin galactic ships.

The spacey news was all over media circuits only days after the birth of their baby girl, Blue Ivy.  Being the first performers in space will not be an easy feat between the hardships of leaving  baby for this project and months of training and preparation for the intergalactic performing experience.

If anyone can pull it off, Beyonce and Jay-Z are the one’s to do it.

FUN FACT: The video production and space travel will cost less than the reportedly $600,000 rocking horse that they purchased for the baby.


Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Currently working through life separated from her husband and finding herself, Trina loves concert photography, hanging out with her single and married besties, and cooking. Stay tuned!

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