Our life was touched with Crohn’s Disease many years before my husband was diagnosed.

I remember teenage dances where my husband, then boyfriend, would state that we had to go because he was having stomach pains.  Of course, the socialite in me would get very angry, after we arrived home,  to find out that he felt GREAT after going to the washroom. Living in Gaspe, Quebec, we never went back to the party.

It was in 1998, after we moved to Ontario, that my husband arrived home and was withering in pain that it was discovered at the Kitchener Urgent Care Clinic.  They left no stone left unturned and they got to the bottom of the problem that had been driving my husband crazy since childhood.  He was 27 years old.

Since then, he’s had one surgery and many trips to the hospital thereafter.  A trip to the hospital requires medication and morphine.  In fact, the first time he ended up in the hospital, he was working afternoons.  He decided to go without letting me know and I woke up to no husband.  I was worried sick and called everywhere. Of course, the hospital was my last call where low and behold I found him heavily sedated on morphine.

Crohns is a horrible disease.  One that affects every member of the family.  There are many missed or postponed trips, the constant worry that it will touch our children, the loss of work time and most of all the fear that another operation is inevitable.

Our newest worry is how long the funding will last for the drug Humira that my husband is now taking.  This drug is his lifeline to preventing another operation and a possible remission like one of our friends (many have stated that remission is possible!  It is not a scientific fact)

Today, I was on Twitter and seen @BigDaddyKreativ promoting an organization called Robbie’s Rainbow.  I reviewed the website and felt that this is an organization that I could relate with and support wholeheartedly.  There’s nothing like the worry of not having the funds for this debilitating disease.

Robbie’s Rainbow provides funding to families of children that require financial assistance to access treatment for Crohn’s and Colitis Disease, where biologic treatments are crucial, and all financial resources have been exhausted, and no insurance or government aid is available. The mission of Robbie’s Rainbow is that no child will be turned away from the treatment they depend upon for an optimal quality of life due to lack of necessary funding.

What a fantastic organization where no child will be left behind.

Robbie’s Rainbow will be hosting their 3rd annual Robbie’s Rainbow Chocolate Drive.  They will be at Fortino’s on Lakeshore Road, Oakville on February 11-12 from 10:00am-3:00pm selling delicious chocolate hearts.

Make sure you take the time to stop in and purchase one of these HOMEMADE treats to support a fantastic cause.

Robbie’s Rainbow has many proud supporters who host events to assist them in their plight to assist children.  I will be sure to keep you abreast of upcoming events.

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