I often hear that Miley Cyrus is heading down the road of Britney Spears.

I don’t think she is. Like Miley, I am also a teenager. Like Miley, I’ve drank alcohol and experimented with stuff I shouldn’t be trying.  (Hide your eyes Mom!)

This generation tries different things and it is clear as day that Miley is in this generation. Every generation was the same, they just hide it. This generation is more open with not hiding the crazy things they do.  Since there is Facebook and Twitter, we can’t really hide much! Miley can’t hide it because she is one of the hottest teen celebs out there. Even her friends go behind her back and post videos and pictures of her doing all these illegal things or legal things in terms of what she does in different countries.

Last weekend the biggest Miley scandal was that she bought her boyfriend Liam a birthday cake with a big ol’ penis on it. She is 19 years old PEOPLE and obviously we don’t know her and her boyfriend. That cake could of been a fun little inside joke. WE DON’T KNOW.

If parents are going to comment saying how immature she is for taking photos of herself with this cake, the parents are just being stupid. Your kids (8 years old or older) are not in there teen years and obviously won’t understand anything that she does. Yes, Miley may be setting a wrong example for your child. but she is a teenager. Parents please go find some old photos of your drunken teenage self and would you want your child seeing this?

To the parents that says she’s heading down the same road as Britney Spears, I think your nuts. She’s a teenager and a totally sane teenager.

What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Teenage Miley is living her teen years. She is 19. She can legally drink in my country and smoke Saliva too.

It just upsets me to see what the parents of this generation is saying about Miley.

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