Whether driving through the snow, driving through the desert, or visiting the man upstairs (WTF?), the 2012 Ford Explorer enabled our family to have stress free travels to Montreal.

Our family has a very low tolerance level when we are packed in a small vehicle.  With two teenagers, driving to Montreal can be quite the negative experience.  Thanks to Ford, we were allotted a little piece and quiet.  Ok, according to the negative tweets I was getting from my daughter on Friday night, I think there was a little PMS’ing going on initially.

With so many features, it was difficult to get used to the car initially.  It took a few good minds to figure out how to start the SUV without the key.  But….we managed!

Upon our arrival, we were joined by my husband’s mother and sister.  It was so handy to have a large vehicle so we could cruise around the city and take in the sights.  None the less, the features we came to know during our travels left his family in awe.  I’m sure the 2012 Ford Explorer will be the talk of the town in Gaspe, Quebec as well!

Ford Explorer Likes

There are many features we loved:

  • The cruise control option of staying a certain distance away from another vehicle.  GREAT for unpredictable weather and fatigue.
  • Park Assist
  • MyFord Touch display and features
  • The Rear View Camera when driving in reverse
  • The Blind Spot Notifier on the Side Mirrors.  (My Personal Favorite!)
Ford Explorer Dislikes

  • It cost $160.00 return from Montreal.  A little more expensive on gas but there’s always compensation for comfort.  (Time to try the Ecoboost!)
  • The Voice Command would not understand “Boulevard Rene Levesque” no matter how we said it.
  • The second passenger seats we’re not adjustable to accommodate leg room.   I sat in the back and problem solved for my dear son.
  • We’d probably do away with the leather seats due to preference.
My husband’s, the car guru, overall review was “I have never been a huge Ford fan, but I want this vehicle!”

My personal experience with the vehicle was nothing but positive.   I loved how spacious it was (but that’s not hard at 5’3).  Like I said, the blind spot indicator was my biggest turn-on as I’m constantly turning my head in fear of the unknown.

I think it’s time we make like Monty Hall and ask Ford to “Let’s Make a Deal!!”

Thanks Ford for providing, once again, a positive experience!

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