With or without a sponsor, I’m seriously considering making the trek to Ottawa for the Juno Awards.

Christina and Jake Hoggard HedleyI have applied for a media pass and approached some of the Juno Award Sponsors for opportunities.  Most of them didn’t respond, while a couple were gracious enough to respond, listen, and then tell us no.

I’m quite proud of myself because in the past, I’ve been too proud to take the plunge in seeking support.  If there’s one thing that I am is proud….and sometimes that can drain a bank account…..but that’s ok!

So as I weigh out my options, I think Life’s a Blog should be part of the Juno experience for the following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, 53 people did vote making us the top Canadian Pop Culture Blog in the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards.
  2. My daughter is fabulous when talking to celebrities and fans!  She’s just so personable!
  3. Ottawa is one of our family favorite tourist areas in Canada.
  4. We enjoyed our experience at Fan Fare last year.  Christina especially appreciated Jake Hoggard, of Hedley, telling her that they made a F***ing awesome couple.
  5. We met some wonderful people on the streets of Toronto who were also enjoying Juno Weekend.  I met a wonderful lady on Twitter but never did meet her in real life yet.  Follow @ppinkfflamingo – wonderful lady.
  6. We are patient enough to wait for opportunities, but smart enough to know when to throw in the towel and make our own dreams happen.
  7. Being a fat lady, I can still get into small places to get a photo op.
  8. We love all forms of music and Canadian Culture, making us an obvious choice.
  9. We haven’t met Justin Bieber or Drake yet and they just happen to be nominated for Album of the Year.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY:  We get to share our experience with all of our fabulous readers because this is what we do.   We love entertaining our readers with our entertaining experiences!

So here’s to hoping that the money tree grows quickly in my backyard and off to the Junos we go!!  Until then, enjoy some of last year’s pictures (but we didn’t get into the Junos)

Juno Awards 2011


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