Today, we had our Love is louder assembly and at lunch southwood hosted a Hershey kiss kissing booth. Even though it wasn’t really much of a booth we had 3 students as the “kissers” and 1 teacher as the teacher kissers.

I think you should check out Stacey Zegers. She was the Speaker at our assembly this morning and she was truly inspirational.
I seen her Elementary school assembly, and I thought it was good for kids but would teenagers listen? But, today when she came to the high school and told her whole story she blew my mind it was more in-depth and more personal then what she had told the elementary students, it was awesome and I think everyone left the gym POSITIVELY and really happy Stacey came.
She is an AMAZING speaker and singer!.
Also, Stacey called up two students to tell their personal stories there were two guys who went on the stage and told their personal experience about being bullied and it was really interesting because the two guys who went up you would have never think they would be the victim of a bullying incident. They have alot of guts to go share something so personal.. it was awesome. ( I keep saying awesome interesting and amazing…my bad) anyways to continue it was a truly amazing assembly.
IF you are looking for someone to come to your school (any grade) and talk to your students about bullying Contact Stacy @ ! You will not regret it!

Check out a song she covered, Its called Sunflower, Its a bit kiddish, but still a powerful message!

Aswell more about the “kissing booth” to get a chocolate kiss you would have to get a kiss on the cheek by what I liked to call the “Bachelors”. Alot of people actually came up and they weren’t shy at all! We painted hearts on their hands and sent them off with a chocolate and a little paper heart. We had alot of hearts, so surrounding the “bachelors” we just covered the floor with hearts…

-On that note it was also red day… Most of the school actually wore alot of red.. me on the other hand… I don’t own red so I wore my Mexican vest…. I will get red things soon though so I can wear red on the next red day!

– Here are some photos of todays Events ( I didn’t take pictures of staceys assembly so just the Hershey kiss booth )



Since I didn’t get permission for posting photos on the internet of the people, I decided to post the ones where you can barely see the faces… and I only took 7 pictures… So lesson learned!


Sorry for the Late blog post guys! busy week!


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