How is everyones semester?
Mine frightens me.
So far I am very stress.
I’ve got
Block A- leadership (always busy with wayve)
Block B- Fashion (afraid of needles, and don’t have much patience)
Lunch, Wayve or S.a.c activity,
Block C- English (LOVE it, fave subject but tons of homework)
Block D- Livefit ( Gym but way harder,)

So, you might not know me very well. So let me say something about my school life
I have a group I run called wayve, so I’m always working on things for wayve and recruiting people (well trying to recruit)
And also I do a lot at lunch this week is the worst. .. Love is louder week… Very busy since I am both in wayve and s.a.c…
Yep. So I just wanted to say that I guess since I am very bored..and such. :p

Today at lunch I have to continue making post secret things and also, that so gay hand print coverup annnndd… Something else. Just can’t think of it.. Oh well! What can I say.

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