Sheesh, I always have to share the spotlight!  Is this how it feels to be always a bridesmaid and never a bride?

Sigh, I’m not at all discouraged about being tied in first place  for Best Pop Culture Blog in the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards!

This is my first year blogging and promoting my site.  Even though it’s a small step, it’s something.  I am simply elated that I knowing that I do have a following that supports me……of 53 people  (I am roaring my ass off as I type)

I hope that money will allow me to continue to pursue my goal in attending Canadian Events to share with my readers (after all I think that’s why most people come here!)  Finding sponsors appears to be a challenge with my work life and daily duties.

I wishlist for 2012, is to attend the Junos, Toronto Film Festival, Just for Laughs, Montreal Jazz Festival, some Molson Canadian Rocks Concerts and the Much Music Video Awards.  With the new Teen Connection section, our reviews of these events should be even more interesting.  I know my daughter will absolutely go ballistic if we can’t go as I’ve built this blog for that very reason…..Mother and Daughter moments to share.

Thanks to my followers!  You rock!!

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